Where the Crime Is In Baltimore

One of the aspects of Baltimore life that most starkly reveals the lines between us is...crime.

As we've documented over the past two months, the reentry of former prisoners is an everyday reality for some neighborhoods...and an afterthought for others. Police surveillance cameras cast a permanent, blinking blue shadow on street life in some places, but not in others. The style of policing, some say, varies based on race, class and geography. Violence and incarceration are facts of life for families in some neighborhoods, and simply a perceived menace elsewhere.

Today, you can see the crimes themselves: where they are, and where they aren't. In a new set of data maps created for "The Lines Between Us" by the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance, you can see where the most arrests and calls for service happen for property crime, drug crime, violent crime, and juvenile crime. (Definitions for the types of crime depicted here are available at the BNIA website. Also note that crime rates are based on residential population in a given Census tract. Midtown and downtown have more foot traffic from workers and visitors, and therefore...more opportunities for crime.)

How does this match with your impressions of crime in the city? Did you learn anything about your own neighborhood? Tell us Your Story.