Gun Violence Stories: A Year With Zero Murders

Argenae HowellThe Lines Between Us went to an event in Remington on Tuesday, June 25, hosted by youth advocacy organization "The Intersection." They were kicking off a "Gun Violence Listening Campaign."
The idea? Students talk about how gun violence impacts their lives, in order to start a conversation across the city about how to end gun violence.

In a discussion between local students and teachers, Intersection student leader Argenae Howell talks about how gun violence has touched her life.

Chantiel Awkard"I lost my grandfather at the beginning of this year," Howell said, "to a bullet that was in his back for some years, probably before I was born."

Then Howell and Reginald F. Lewis High School teacher Chantiel Awkard invoke the civil rights movement as they discuss what they think would help Baltimore reduce its homicide rate to zero.