Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jessica McNeely, of Highlandtown, answered the question of the week which asked “Would you want a blue light camera on your block?” If you take a look at Open Baltimore’s map of crime cameras, which we have posted, Highlandtown appears to be camera-free. And McNeely would like to keep it that way.


No. I hate the flashing blue lights,” she said. ”They make me feel like there is something to be scared of and cause me to be vigilant. Grown men tell me to never go into neighborhoods with flashing blue lights.  I call these men cowards. When I see little kids walking under the blue lights on their way to school it makes me cry. They don't even realize yet that their city is stigmatizing them as criminals!


Diana Mitchell posted this response to Twitter:

@MarylandMorning @linesbetweenus yes the newer cameras do not have blue lights. But a crime deterrent is just that! Preventative measures.



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