Advancing the Conversation

We greatly appreciate when you tell us Your Stories about inequality in the region. There's something one step further that we hoped would happen when we started the series: that residents would take this conversation and run with it on their own.

We're excited to share this example with you from the Baltimore Post-Examiner. In it, Nancy Murray, who attended our film screening and panel discussion at the Pratt Central Library last week, makes some very candid reflections about what these issues mean to her personally. Here's her story: "Racism is alive and well and living in Baltimore."

"I have spent my entire adult life trying to recognize and unlearn the programed racist reflexes in my own thoughts and behavior," Murray writes, "but I have done it all on the down-low because to say out loud that I have racist thoughts and reflexes is to invite a hailstorm of judgment to rain down on me."

Her proposal: "an AA type group for recovering racists."

Here's how she pictures it: "Listen without judgment – without imposing their personal frustrations on me. Listen – so that I can get the poison out and it can be ok - and then, as they do in AA, to thank me for sharing honestly and for doing my best."

Thanks, Nancy. And thanks to the folks who left their own compelling comments on her story, including someone who grew up "in a racially decided and segregated Baltimore of the '50s and 60's" and came to understand other perspectives in two integrated organizations: the military and a "big city east coast police department." There, he says, "I found that Blacks, Latinos, Whites, Jews, and everyone else wanted the same for their families as I wanted for mine."

And thanks to you, readers and listeners. Please continue to tell us Your Stories, and please let us know where you see residents of our region advancing the conversation.