Where Would Prisoners Be...If They Were Home?

Where do Maryland's prisoners call home?

As our series wraps up its focus on inequality and criminal justice, we leave you with this portrait.

These maps from the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance show where the home addresses of prisoners are concentrated in our region.

We noticed that although our eyes are naturally drawn to the darker precincts, since they contain the numbers we're looking for, it's where the prisoners aren't that is perhaps more interesting.

Looks to us like you could take Falls Road through Ruxton out into horsey country and pretty much not pass a home touched by incarceration.

Check out this map and see how it matches with other "lines between us" at the Seeing Inequality page, and then share your thoughts at the Your Stories page.

(Because of the nature of this data, the region was split up by voting precinct. Note that the area near Jessup and the Baltimore City Detention Center have been greyed out. The population counts for these areas included the prisons and their out of state/out of region inmates.)