Where Are the Jobs?

Where the jobs are in Baltimore City. Click to see a full PDF version.Tomorrow on The Lines Between Us: the path to a paycheck. Certain neighborhoods in Baltimore city are dealing with consistently high unemployment, such as the Oliver neighborhood, where every fourth person is looking for work.
We ask: what jobs are out there, and what training programs exist to connect the unemployed in those areas to those paychecks?

Today, we release a related map produced by the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance.

Where the jobs are in the Baltimore region. Click to see a full PDF version.They've taken Census data and mapped the number of jobs in any given Census tract. This isn't open positions, but just the number of paid positions. It's an attempt to understand where the most jobs are in our region.

What do you think of the maps? Let us know.

And feel free to mess with it yourself--we're already wondering what it would look like if you overlayed the MTA's public transportation system.