Seeing Unemployment in the Baltimore Region

Today we're releasing another map created for "The Lines Between Us" by the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance: unemployment in the Baltimore region.

We've turned the focus of the series from housing to economic opportunity. Tomorrow, we'll focus on "who you know"--the informal social networks that lead to jobs, and that over time reinforce lines of race and class. And next Friday, we'll hear about what skills are needed to get the jobs that are available in our region, and what needs to happen to bring those skills to the neighborhoods with the highest unemployment.

And that's today's map: you can see in Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and Anne Arundel County where unemployment was the highest in 2010.

Take a look at the map. Does it answer any of your questions about unemployment in our region? Does it raise any new questions?

Share your thoughts at our contact page, and we'll share some of them on the air and online.


Percent of population unemployed by Census Tract, 2010, Baltimore City

Percent of population unemployed by Census tract, 2010, Baltimore region