Episode #13 Extra: Where is the Next Generation of Community Leaders?

Harry Johnson and Danista HunteWhen Danista Hunte and her colleagues at Baltimore Community Foundation mapped the city as part of their strategic planning, they were struck by a gap in leadership.

"There were just huge pockets in West Baltimore where either the community association was no longer functioning," Hunte said, "or it was personed by someone who's in their late 50s or early 60s, and there's not a cadre of young folks coming on board to run those community associations."

BCF board member Harry Johnson noticed a similar gap at the city level. "I've been around this community for a while," Johnson said, "and I do a lot of civic work, but I tend to see the same people doing work for a lot of different organizations. I'm on several boards, and I look around and I see my friends who are on my board, and I'm on their boards." He hopes to identify new talent in the city and capture young people who are about to graduate area colleges or have just arrived for entry-level jobs.

Hear Hunte and Johnson express their concerns about leadership in the podcast above.